Learning Physics As One Nation (LPON)

Project Director
Ms. Carolina C. Porio (FAPE)

Project Coordinator
Ms. Ruby Javier (FAPE)

Project Leaders/Home Institution
Dr. Christopher C. Bernido
Dr. M. Victoria Carpio-Bernido

A Project of the Fund for Assistance to Private Education, with a special grant from the Department of Education.


Evaluation Workshop

To all LPON Pilot Schools,

This is just to inform everyone that FAPE has changed the venue for the LPON Evaluation Workshop scheduled on May 2, 2009. The new venue is Fortuna Hotel in Cebu City. Thank you for your continued cooperation.Suggested showing of DVD lectures

Updated 04 March 2009

Quarterly Evaluation: Notes

(View/Download Circular No. 6 Here)
Circular No. 6 also contains:
- Suggestions for More Coverage
- Suggested showing of DVD lectures

Updated 10 January 2009

Suggested Time for Showing Parts of DVD Vol. 11

To all Pilot Schools of the LPON:

Here is the suggested time for showing parts of the DVD volume 11 (page numbers refer to the Physics Essentials Portfolio):

Show After p. 103: Tail-to-Tip Method and the Component Method
Show After p. 105: Projectile Motion: Components of a Velocity Vector
Show After p. 110: Two-Dimensional Kinematics
Show After p. 111: Exercise: Vertical Component
Show After p. 111: Exercise: the Horizontal Component
Show After p. 113: Adding Vectors: the Component Method
Show After p. 114: Component Method: an Example.

With best regards.

Sincerely yours,
M. Victoria Carpio-Bernido

Updated 13 November 2008

For the evaluation reports, please indicate in your report:

Thank you very much for you cooperation!

Updated 29 October 2008

Actual 1st Quarter Evaluation Results of Some Pilot Schools

(Taken from LPON Circular No. 5)

School No. of
Last PEP Page
of Items Answered
Raw Score
Raw Score
A 93 41 50 44 15
B 121 45 55 42 10
C 314 54 65 56 13
D 84 52 65 60 19
CVIF* 109 54 65 61 19

* The Physics teacher we trained for several years moved to a different province in May 2008. The Physics facilitator this school year is our Chemistry teacher who is handling the Physics class for the first time. She is also using the PEP and DVD’s of the LPON project.

(View/Download Circular No. 5 Here)

Updated 29 October 2008

Second Quarter Evaluation

Taken from LPON Circular No. 5 (View/Download Circular No. 5 Here)

Updated 29 October 2008

Questions and Answers on the 1st Quarter Evaluation: Notes and Reports

(View/Download the full list of questions and answers here)

Updated 29 October 2008

Notes and Reminders

Taken from LPON Circular No. 4

(View/Download Circular No. 4)

Updated 29 October, 2008

Circular Number 1 (07 June 2008)

Circular Number 2 (24 June 2008)

Circular Number 3 (11 Aug. 2008)

Circular Number 4 (09 Sept. 2008)

Circular Number 5 (08 Oct. 2008)

Circular Number 6 (06 Jan. 2009)